Map of Australian Detention Facilities

This map, launched March 23 2011, shows the location of detention centres in and around Australia, and funded by Australia:

Map of Australian Detention Facilities

Map of Australian Detention Facilities

Perth Immigration Residential Housing
Perth Immigration Residential Housing in Redcliffe, Western Australia holds people who come to Perth for medical attention from other detention facilities.

Leonora Detention Centre
Leonora Detention Centre in Western Australia was opened in 2010 to house mainly asylum seeker families. Leonora was a mining camp once but is now a patch of red dirt 830 kilometres from Perth.

Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre
Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) is located at North West Point, about 17 kilometres from the main settlement on Christmas Island. This is where single men are held.

Christmas Island
Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre. This is where families and children are held.

This detention facility holds families and single men.

Darwin Airport Lodge
This and the Asti Motel (in Darwin) are the main locations where children are held in mainland Australia. Many children without parents are held in the Airport Lodge.

Port Augusta Housing Project
Port Augusta Housing Project. This is a group of demountable buildings surrounded by two fences between which is an electric sensor mat with an alarm system.

Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation
Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation can hold up to 60 people.

Scherger RAAF Base, Weipa
Scherger RAAF Base has received an influx of asylum seekers from Christmas Island (March 2011). Total population to 381. The base now houses a mix of Tamil and Afghan men. The facility is only designed for 300 single adult males.

Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation Centre
As at February 2011 134 unaccompanied minors were held in the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation Centre.

Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia
Most people do not know that Australia funds detention centres in Indonesia. Many people whose boats were sent back from Australia end up in these detention centres. Most people would not want to know. Conditions in such centres are horrendous.

Northern Immigration Detention Centre
Northern Immigration Detention Centre is located at Coonawarra, an outer Darwin suburb and has an operating capacity of 554 people.

Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre
Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre originally opened in 1966. The centre can hold up to 100 people.

Curtin Detention Centre
In September 2010 Curtin was home to 753 asylum seekers. It has been described as a ‘hellhole’. Although the Labor government is currently upgrading the facility this does not change the fact that it is terribly isolated: 28 hours by road from Perth and six hours from Port Hedland. Currently no children are imprisoned in Curtin, but those turning 18 may be held there.

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