What is ‘Hills Circle of Friends’ all about?

The Hills Circle of Friends is a non-partisan community group that has actively supported refugees and asylum seekers since 2002.

We are a diverse and relatively informal group of people who share a commitment to helping asylum seekers as they embark on what can be a long and difficult process to gain permanent residency in Australia. Circle members’ contributions vary depending on their skills, experience, time constraints and the projects that the Circle is involved with at any particular time.

  • Our members visit asylum seekers in Community Detention and those who have been granted Bridging Visas or Permanent Protection Visas.
  • Where possible, we visit and support people in hospital, eg women and newborn babies, or people with illness or injury.
  • We provide direct support to asylum seekers and refugees living in the community by responding to appeals from the Australian Refugee Association, Red Cross and other refugee support agencies. Assistance can be financial or by the provision of goods and services such as clothing, blankets, furniture, appliances, bilingual dictionaries, or linking asylum seekers with medical and other service providers.
  • Most importantly, we offer asylum seekers friendship and encouragement on their journey to gain residency in Australia.


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